I Lost A Good Friend

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The day I lost a good friend

by Skozak665

It's hard for me to even type at this moment. Where do I begin? Up until two days ago I had a pet bunny. His name was Bamajama, he was the sweetest, kindest, most loving animal in the world.

I got up Monday morning late as usual for work I walked in the computer room where Bam was said my usual, "Hey buddy morning." I noticed he was in his litter box kinda shaking and that there was diarrhea in his cage so I hurried and cleaned it. Then I called and told my fiancee' about it and asked him to keep an eye on Bam when he came home for lunch.

When I got home the first thing I did is run up the stairs to check up on him. He wasn't his usual hopping around self so I knew something was wrong. I called the vet but she was gone for the day and so they advised me to take him to the emergency vet. By this time it was 7 p.m.

I drove to the emergency vet, but discovered they didn't open till 8 p.m. so I went back home. I drove back to the vet at 8:40 p.m., sat in the emergency area. Around 9:43 I was still waiting in the waiting room for Bammy to be seen. He took a big gasp of air & I panicked -- my fiancee' yelled & they told us to go to the next room. Then they told us he had no heart beat and he was dead.

I haven't stopped crying since that day. I am hurt broken. I feel guilty that I should have brought him to the vet early morning he would have been alive. I feel that he depended on me to be his voice and I let him down; he died because I didn't speak out at the emergency room and say, "HEY MY BUNNY IS DYING WE CANT WAIT ANY LONGER CAN YOU PLEASEEEE HELP HIM!!!" I feel awful guilt and shame. I feel so sad and horrible for Bamajama that I let him down when I was supposed to be his voice!

"I'm so sorry Bamajama, I hope you know i Love you so0o0o so0o much that my heart will never be the same without you! My heart is broken -- you were the best -- please remember the the times I told you 'HEY BAM DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU?' LOTSSS!! You're the best Bamajama, I miss you so much I wish I could turn back time, I am so sorry! I will never forgive myself for not taking you to the vet sooner, I should have been the good friend that you were to me. I'm sorry I let you down, I just can't stop thinking about that day and how I could have done thing differently. I LOVE YOU BAMAJAMA! I KNOW YOU ARE IN HEAVEN WITH OTHER BEAUTIFUL BUNNIES LIKE YOURSELF! I LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER PLEASE FORGIVE ME! I WANT YOU TO BE THE 1ST BEING I SEE WHEN I DIE, BAMAJAMA! I KNOW ITS ALOT TO ASK, BUT PLEASE YOU HAVE TO KNOW HOW SORRY I AM! I LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER YOU ARE MISSED IN MY HEART AND MY LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME."


9/27/2004 9:45


This is a story about my bunny -- I am devastated.

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