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Grief Support Library

Grief Support Articles

At Need: When no prearrangment for funeral has been made

Cremation or Burial? Families Don't Always Agree

Emotional Aspects of Cremation

Helping Yourself Heal

How Can I Help? What to Ask for When You're Grieving

Making Prearrangements - Why Does It Feel Strange?

The Early Stages of Grief: The First Seven Days

The Ripple Effect

Ask the Experts

Explaining Death to a Young Child

How Can I Comfort My Best Friend?

How Can I Deal with Loss?

I Felt an Indescribable Pain

I Still Can't Get Myself Going

I'm Less Patient! What's Wrong with Me?

Is My Dad in a Safe Place?

My Boyfriend's Father Died of Brain Cancer!

Returning to Work

Returning to Work: Part II

Featured Story

My story starts a little over eight years ago when my older brother, who I loved and adored was diagnosed with colon cancer with mestastis to the liver.I was devastated when he got sick.He went through so much and he never complained. It was so sad to watch my big brother, who always looked out for me and protected me become so sick.

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