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A cremation urn in Naperville IL

Cremation Urns: A Personal Choice for Cremation

Cremation urns have become a popular option for the disposition of cremains. There are as many choices of urns as there are materials for creating them, from glass to metal, to pottery or stone, and even wood or leather urns.

Why Do We Use Urns?

While funeral urns have been discovered as far back as 3000 B.C., the Stone Age urns were certainly primitive. Historically, beautiful funeral urns became popular during the Grecian period, somewhere around 800 B.C. Elaborate and ornately decorative urns first surfaced during this era.

Today, urns may serve a variety of purposes: a temporary vessel prior to a scattering ceremony, a container in which to bury or inurn in a columbarium, a biodegradable receptacle to place in a natural setting, or a beautiful permanent resting place to be kept at home with family. Some families divide the cremains among family members, choosing a number of urns that may be matching or varied to meet the desires of the recipient.

Depending upon your purpose, an urn is a deeply personal vessel meant to reflect the life within.

Choosing an Urn

An urn or keepsake is a vessel that protects and holds the cremains in a unique way and may serve as the public expression of a loved one for services.

Urns are made of many different materials, including acrylic, marble, glass, bronze, and hardwood. We offer many styles of urns at Friedrich-Jones & Overman-Jones Funeral Homes. In addition, we have catalogues to supplement the on-site assortment of choices that are available to families.

Our funeral professional will assist you in making a choice that accurately reflects the life of your loved one.

Plan your personalized service with our help and guidance at Friedrich-Jones & Overman-Jones Funeral Homes. end mark