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Multicultural ceremonies at Freidrich-Jones Funeral Home in Naperville IL

Funeral Services That Reflect the Richness of Our Culture

Diversity is the cornerstone of our society, bringing richness to our lives and stimulation to our intellect. Friedrich-Jones & Overman-Jones Funeral Homes embrace diversity in end-of-life options, meeting the special cultural, spiritual, and religious needs and traditions of our families and community.

Multicultural Services

Our family of funeral professionals interacts with the cultural and religious leaders of our community to ensure you receive services that meet religious guidelines significant to the deceased while highlighting the cherished traditions of your family.

Bring your funeral requests to us—our flexible approach allows for an endless variety in locations, customs, and services. Whether you choose to strictly embrace traditional practices, create new contemporary rituals, or combine both for a blend of past and present, we work with each family to create the tribute that honors the life of your loved one.

Helping Others Understand

In addition, we offer support in creating memorial items that will encourage those from differing faiths and cultures to participate and understand the traditions of your family.

Personalize your services while helping neighbors and colleagues celebrate the life of your loved one and support your family traditions: create programs that outline religious services, explain the history of your customs during the service, perform music that reflects your family’s background, or display artifacts that celebrate your cultural heritage. We assist you in creating an end-of-life experience that embraces everyone who comes to share your loss, offer comfort, and celebrate a special life.

The Friedrich-Jones & Overman-Jones family of funeral professionals is also experienced at coordinating international funeral services. We have successfully worked with many countries, including Mexico, Poland, Germany, Amsterdam, England, and the Philippines. Contact us to discuss your international funeral needs.

For questions regarding funeral services for specific religions, or the incorporation of your family’s traditions and culture in an end-of-life ceremony, contact the professionals at Friedrich-Jones & Overman-Jones Funeral Homes. end mark